Strauss Haus True Love’s Kiss

b. December 29, 2020 | brown sable plush
sire: JnL’s Return to Z’ender CGC
dam: Strauss Haus Elektric Sarah

Anna’s health testing will be completed as she matures.


OTX (ORB4/ART5/F5/ART5/ORB5) 22.66%, IC 12.94%

JnL’s Return to Z’ender CGC (ORB3/ART4/F4)
NSx6 rbiCH Brk Chapls Irish Red O Bearpaw TT, CGC, ROM (ORB2) Zion’s Knight-Rider Kit Shenandoah-Zion Silver Bullet (MAW3)
Zion’s Priceless Onyx
Zion’s Golden Promise Of Venus (ORB1) Hoofprint Orbit OVC, ROM (ORB)
Jnk’s Golden Nugget Of Zion ROM *BW*/MAW3
Graced by His Rainbow of JnL (ART3/F3) His Majesty of Howling Winds CGC (ART2) NS birCH Lord Shy Of Aslan And Sundance (MAW3)
Bearsloop Hajna of Petra Zion (ART1)
Nor’Easter Winter Storm of Bolo TT (F2) rbCHPtd Capp’s Alabama Ghost Of Winter TT
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Strauss Haus Elektric Sarah (ORB5/ART4/ORB4) Strauss Haus Baker of Zion (ORB5/ART5/ORB4/ART4) GV bCH CACH-b Piston Power Forged in Zion TT, CGC, NTD (ORB4/ART4) Betterways-Zion’s Army of One (ORB3)
Sweet Silver Lace of Zion (ART3)
bCH Zion’s London Twin of Sparta (ORB3/ART4/ART3) Zion’s Golden Eyes (ORB2)
Zion’s Mystic Maya Spiritwolf (ART3/ART2)
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Dayspring’s Fair DeLaine CGC (ART2)
Strauss Haus Elektric Lady Zion (ART2/ORB2) bCHptd iCH Strausses Sirius of Highlander ROM (ART1)
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